Backdrop CMS 1.19

The Backdrop community is proud to release version 1.19.0 of Backdrop CMS, following our 4-month release cycle. This release contains several new features, user experience improvements, and a few bug fixes for these recent improvements. Please update Backup and Migrate to 1.x-1.0.17 along with this core update. Some people have reported a conflict with earlier […]

HestiaCP 1.4 Beta

[DEVELOPMENT] NOTE: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) is no longer supported as it has reached EOL (end-of-life) status. NOTE: Apache in “standalone” mode is no longer actively supported and has been removed from installer options. Nginx (Proxy) + Apache2 will remain supported. NOTE: Custom “quick installer apps” will not work anymore due to changes in how we handle quick installer […]

Cyberpanel v2.1.1

Features Joomla installer: auto-install with LS cache Codemirror added to file manager (multiple language support ) Allow users to manage SSH keys Initiate cloudbackup ( via CyberPanel Cloud ), Cloud backups to AWS, Restore s3 backups Add PHP 8.0 WP deploy ( via Cloud ) WP manager ( Cloud ) Proprietary High Availability Add search […]

OpenLiteSpeed Comes to Runcloud

New Feature: OpenLiteSpeed Beta User will see an option to configure the server either for Nginx or OpenLitespeed stack when spinning up a new server in RunCloud OpenLiteSpeed is currently in beta and recommended for testing only, not for production use Some RunCloud features are not supported under OpenLiteSpeed stack during beta period until further […]

HestiaCP 1.3.0

A new major update for HestiaCP, a free hosting control panel Features Users can now choose to point a domain to a different document root location (similar to domain parking). The software update process will now perform a system health check before proceeding with installation. Administrators now have control over software update notifications through the […]

Cyberpanel 2.0.3

Features Add/delete firewall rule via API Upgrade MariaDB to 10.5 Trash folder PHPMyAdmin autologin 2FA support Allow CyberPanel port change ImunifyAV Elasticsearch Redis deamon one-click install/remove Mautic auto installer Bug Fixes Initiate starttls if port 587 Refresh license button ( Cyberpanel Ent ) Fix permissions after move Improve size for SMTP host Remove leftover if backup […]

Cyberpanel v2.0.2 Stable

A new updated Cyberpanel 2.0.2 with a few additional features and bug fixes Features Google Drive backup Remote MySQL for whole CyberPanel Remote access for local databases Packages in API Bangla language Remote MySQL during WordPress installer Bug Fixes Email marketing tool Mailscanner MySQL Server during backup Wrong status during backup Redis missing on Ubuntu […]

Cyberpanel v2.0.1

Features Support on Ubuntu 20 Support for CentOS8 & Repo Allow custom path for child-domains Remove duplicatte compression for emails Add remote access Cyberpanel repo, Add Indonesian language Translation into Portuguese of Portugal and Brazil Remote backup with non-root user,2,3 Package manager,2,3,4,5,CentOS 7 Load website preview Mailscanner  & Mailwatch ,2 ,3 Child domain as hostname […]

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