HestiaCP 1.3.0

A new major update for HestiaCP, a free hosting control panel Features Users can now choose to point a domain to a different document root location (similar to domain parking). The software update process will now perform a system health check before proceeding with installation. Administrators now have control over software update notifications through the […]

Cyberpanel 2.0.3

Features Add/delete firewall rule via API Upgrade MariaDB to 10.5 Trash folder PHPMyAdmin autologin 2FA support Allow CyberPanel port change ImunifyAV Elasticsearch Redis deamon one-click install/remove Mautic auto installer Bug Fixes Initiate starttls if port 587 Refresh license button ( Cyberpanel Ent ) Fix permissions after move Improve size for SMTP host Remove leftover if backup […]

Cyberpanel v2.0.2 Stable

A new updated Cyberpanel 2.0.2 with a few additional features and bug fixes Features Google Drive backup Remote MySQL for whole CyberPanel Remote access for local databases Packages in API Bangla language Remote MySQL during WordPress installer Bug Fixes Email marketing tool Mailscanner MySQL Server during backup Wrong status during backup Redis missing on Ubuntu […]

Cyberpanel v2.0.1

Features Support on Ubuntu 20 Support for CentOS8 & Repo Allow custom path for child-domains Remove duplicatte compression for emails Add remote access Cyberpanel repo, Add Indonesian language Translation into Portuguese of Portugal and Brazil Remote backup with non-root user,2,3 Package manager,2,3,4,5,CentOS 7 Load website preview Mailscanner  & Mailwatch ,2 ,3 Child domain as hostname […]

WordOps 3.12

A new stable release of WorOps released Added Set opcache.preload_user for PHP 7.4 Link to GitHub changelog after WordOps upgrade Automated PHPMyAdmin and Adminer latest release download and install Enable Let’s Encrypt SSL on sites with http auth (PR #254) Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Support (experimental) New Nginx 1.18.0 package built with OpenSSL 1.1.1g Default PHP version […]

Cyberpanel v2.0.0 Stable

A new major upgrade with many bug fixes CyberPanel 2.0 users are advised to upgrade as soon as possible. Features CloudFlare DNS Synchronization  Redis Mass Hosting Imunify360 Integration Git Manager  Git Webhooks and Automation Configure server mailer for CyberPanel notifications Email Queue Management EasyEngine migration script DomLogs Stats for domains Bug Fixes bug fix: calculate […]

RunCloud Changelog – March 16, 2020 What’s New

Server Provisioning: User can now provision DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr servers directly through the RunCloud Dashboard. New Connect Server UI to facilitate server provisioning feature. Global In-app Notifications Server Health Notification Settings: User can now customize server health notification settings (load, memory, disk) inside their server. Change Web Application Owner is now available for all paid plans. One-Click […]

Cyberpanel 1.9.4

Features Email SNI Support for Outlook and Postfix, details available here and here. feature: suspend/unsuspend users disable login for suspended users feature: edit incremental backup plans feature: edit/manage inc backups Improved and detailed dynamic logging To enable detailed logging to run touch /usr/local/CyberCP/debug This will generate detailed logs in /home/cyberpanel/error-logs.txt If you also want these logs in email run touch /usr/local/CyberCP/emailDebug When […]

HestiaCP 1.1

A new Major Release version of HestiaCP released 11 Mar 20 This new version is first major step moving forward from VestaCP with new features and bugfixes as bellow Features Added support for custom user interface themes. Introduced official Dark and Flat themes. Added read-only/demo mode – DEMO_MODE must be set to yes in hestia.conf […]

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