WordOps 3.12

A new stable release of WorOps released


  • Set opcache.preload_user for PHP 7.4
  • Link to GitHub changelog after WordOps upgrade
  • Automated PHPMyAdmin and Adminer latest release download and install
  • Enable Let’s Encrypt SSL on sites with http auth (PR #254)
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Support (experimental)
  • New Nginx 1.18.0 package built with OpenSSL 1.1.1g
  • Default PHP version can be set in /etc/wo/wo.conf


  • Improved caching rules (PR #265)
  • Default PHP version is now 7.3


  • MySQL databases backup when using remote MySQL server
  • PHPMyAdmin assets missing after installation
  • Missing WP-CLI argument when switching site URL to https (PR #257)
  • WordOps installation failure with pip
  • Installation on raspberry pi 4
  • Fail2ban configuration when Nginx is not installed
  • Wo-kernel systemd service start failure
  • missing letsencrypt settings in wo.conf
  • MariaDB issue with innodb_buffer_pool_instances
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