Cyberpanel 1.9.4

Features Email SNI Support for Outlook and Postfix, details available here and here. feature: suspend/unsuspend users disable login for suspended users feature: edit incremental backup plans feature: edit/manage inc backups Improved and detailed dynamic logging To enable detailed logging to run touch /usr/local/CyberCP/debug This will generate detailed logs in /home/cyberpanel/error-logs.txt If you also want these logs in email run touch /usr/local/CyberCP/emailDebug When […]

HestiaCP 1.1

A new Major Release version of HestiaCP released 11 Mar 20 This new version is first major step moving forward from VestaCP with new features and bugfixes as bellow Features Added support for custom user interface themes. Introduced official Dark and Flat themes. Added read-only/demo mode – DEMO_MODE must be set to yes in hestia.conf […] is a server management tool. It will install for you NGINX webserver or NGINX + Apache2 Hybrid MySQL server, PostegreSQL or MariaDB Redis server Supervisor PHP (5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 available) Composer Memcached NPM (NodeJS) UFW Firewall Fail2ban Basic packages and then you can install with one click WordPress, Laravel, OctoberCMS etc

Cyberpanel v1.9.3

Features Codebase upgraded to use Python 3 DJANGO Upgraded to 3.0.2 Must better CloudLinux integration Convert child-domains to websites. Enable: Install necessary services only (postfix, ftp or dns) Auto-Renew utility for SSL. Beta: Centos 8 support PHP 7.4 Watchdog for MySQL and Webserver. api: submitUserCreation add quic port to csf default feature: new login page […]

WordOps v3.11.0

A new WordOps version released Added PHP 7.4 support Improved Webp images support with Cloudflare (Issue #95). Nginx will not serve webp images alternative with Cloudflare IP ranges. Stack upgrade for adminer Check installation and setup if needed before issuing certificate Add –ufw to wo stack status Add Nginx directive gzip_static on; to […]

Hestia command-line script generator

Hestia Control Panel is an amazing of VestaCP. There are a few options you can have during install but if you don’t want to remember all these options there is a command-line script generator from @gabizz who has made available a command-line script generator at (Not working with Firefox) which allows you to easily generate […]

Cyberpanel 1.9

This new version comes with Ability to configure default nameservers. Configure custom path when scheduling local backups. Listing WEBSITES should show their space usage. LIST USERS should also be available from the /users/ page change user-acl shifted to list-users Rainloop: allow subfolders

aaPanel Linux panel

There a few control hosting panel, they are not so famous as cPanel or Plesk or VestaCP, but some times they are a secret diamonds. One of them is aaPanel. Features Nginx or Apache Multiple PHP version 5.4 to 7.3 DNS Mail server Mysql or MariaDB or MongoDB PureFTP Memcached Redis Google Cloud Storage Supports […]

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