HestiaCP 1.3.0

A new major update for HestiaCP, a free hosting control panel


  • Users can now choose to point a domain to a different document root location (similar to domain parking).
  • The software update process will now perform a system health check before proceeding with installation.
  • Administrators now have control over software update notifications through the following settings in $HESTIA/conf/hestia.conf and through the Control Panel web interface:
    • UPGRADE_SEND_EMAIL = Sends an email notification to primary admin account’s email address
    • UPGRADE_SEND_EMAIL_LOG = Sends installation log output to the primary admin account’s email address
  • The upgrade process will now save installation logs to the /root/hst_backups directory by default for post-install troubleshooting.
    • Note: We may adjust this path in the future and will document such changes as they happen.
  • We’ve introduced the ability to assign Administrator rights to other user accounts, enabling them to perform tasks under the Server Settings tab.
  • We’ve introduced a more robust translation system which will allow us to provide higher quality translations in future releases.
    • Note: Some country codes have been updated, as a result your language setting may default back to English after upgrading.
  • For new installations, MariaDB 10.5 is now the default version.
    • For existing installations, we’ve provided a manual post-install upgrade script. Please run $HESTIA/install/upgrade/manual/upgrade_mariadb.sh to migrate to MariaDB 10.5).
  • The user interface theme has been set to “Dark” by default. This can be changed from Server Settings > Configure > Basic Options > Appearance.
    • Note: The name of the default theme has not been adjusted, and the change to the “dark” theme only applies to new installations at this time. This behavior may be changed in a future release.


  • Fixed a security issue where user password reset keys could potentially be gleaned from system process list – thanks RACK911 LABS
  • Fixed an issue with passwords containing “'” – Forum
  • Fixed an issue with database backups when the port was not specified (#1068)
  • Fixed an issue where websites without SSL enabled would display the content of the first valid SSL enabled website (#1103)
  • Fixed an issue that would occur when using the --with-debs flag with the installer due to an incorrect version check routine (#1110)
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect permissions which would occur when restoring email accounts (#1114)
  • Fixed an issue where the File Manager would apply the wrong permissions on new directories
  • Fixed an issue that prevented successful restoration of SSL-enabled mail domains from a backup archive (#1069)
  • Fixed an issue where the phpMyAdmin button would not work in the Control Panel Web UI (#1078)
  • Fixed an issue where passwords were generated incorrectly (#1184)
  • Fixed an issue in v-add-sys-ip to ensure IP configuration is set to the correct port – thanks @madito
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in an extended loop condition when running v-rebuild-all
  • Improved support for API key usage with the v-add-remote-dns-host command (#1265)
  • Improved validation of free disk space when executing backup routine (#1115)
  • Improved support for SSH key types other than RSA / DSA
  • Improved reliability of backup function when removing remote locations (#1083)
  • Improved spam filtering by adding additional known-dangerous file extensions in exim’s blacklist (#1138) – thanks @kpapad904
  • Updated Apache2 configuration to use Include with IncludeOptional (#1072)
  • Removed the ability to log in as “root” (whic logged to the admin account, deemed no longer necessary)
  • Add ca-certificates, software-properties-common to the dependencies (#1073 + Forum) – thanks @daniel-eder
  • Create .npm directory by default when creating new user accounts (#1113) – thanks @hahagu
  • Improved accuracy of several UI translations (NL, DE, UK, RU, ES, IT, ZH-CN) – thanks @myrevery and other contributors for your work!
  • Added $restart flag to v-add-web-domain-backend command (#1094) (#797) – thanks @bright-soft
  • PostgreSQL: forbid the use of upper case (#1084) causing issues with backup / creating database or user
  • Changed WordPress name in Quick Web App installer (#1074)
  • Cleaned up entries used in the Google / Gmail DNS template – thanks @madito
  • Enhanced ProFTPd support for TLS
  • Refactored LXD compiler script
  • Updated phpMyAdmin to version 5.0.4
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