HestiaCP 1.1

A new Major Release version of HestiaCP released 11 Mar 20

This new version is first major step moving forward from VestaCP with new features and bugfixes as bellow


  • Added support for custom user interface themes.
  • Introduced official Dark and Flat themes.
  • Added read-only/demo mode – DEMO_MODE must be set to yes in hestia.conf to enable.
  • Added php-imagick module to installer and upgrade scripts.
  • Added recidive filter function to fail2ban.
  • Improved and refactored Multi-PHP functionality.
  • Multi-PHP will be enabled by default on new installations.
  • Allow admin user to add/remove PHP versions from Web UI (Server -> Configure -> Web Server).
  • Extended v-extract-fs-archive to allow archive testing and extracting only specific paths (for tar)
  • Allow renaming of existing packages from console (v-rename-package).
  • Added PHP 7.4 to Multi-PHP.
  • Addded official support for Debian 10 (Buster).


  • Added a detection of web root for add .well-known ACME challenge.
  • Reworked Let’s Encrypt ACME staging to use Hestia code standards.
  • Fixed issues with incorrect font rendering on Windows and Linux.
  • Fixed issues with Let’s Encrypt – use Nginx for Let’s Encrypt ACME request if present.
  • Reworked v-add-sys-ip, removed deprecated CentOS/Red Hat code and reworked conditions.
  • Enabled HSTS and force SSL on v-add-letsencrypt-host.
  • Removed hardcoded mail in HELO data (cosmetic fix).
  • Fixed SFTP server validation check – thanks @dbannik.
  • Implemented security warning message when creating web domains with the default admin account.
  • Fixed wrong quotes used for default keys folder location in v-generate-api-key backend script.
  • Fixed permissions to allow access for FTP users created in web domains under admin account.
  • Check if user home directory exists before setting permissions on SFTP fail2ban jail.
  • Fixed several reported security issues, thanks to Andrea Cardaci (https://cardaci.xyz/)
  • Security fix: Command line arguments arguments were glob expanded when written to log file.
  • Ensure that SFTP accounts remain configured in sshd when removing web domains/
  • Improved security by ensuring that file operations in user home folder will be executed as the real user.
  • Added a confirmation dialog when deleting user logs.
  • Fixed an issue where the SFTP fail2ban jail was not working correctly for user accounts which were restored from backup archives.
  • Enhanced input validation in backend command line scripts.
  • Improved page load performance by optimizing how the notifications list is loaded (in some cases, improvement measured from 1sec to under 100ms).
  • Improved page load performance when loading IP ban rules in the Control Panel.
  • Updated panel framework to use jQuery to 3.4.1.
  • Fixed an issue with SFTP fail2ban jail due to missing user.
  • Fixed an issue where remote backup hostname would reject an IP address without reverse DNS (PTR record). (#569)
  • Create default writable folders in user home directory (#580).
  • Added gnupg/gnupg2 check to prevent issues with pubkey installation.
  • Fixed DNS nameserver validation when adding new packages.
  • Implemented additional debug information for Let’s Encrypt validation – thanks @shakaran.
  • Disabled alerts for successful cronjob backups.
  • Fixed an issue with suspending resources when logged in as a normal (non admin) user.
  • Fixed an issue with unsuspending a user, PHP-FPM website pool configuration was being deleted.
  • Fixed potential upgrade issue when using v-update-sys-hestia-git.
  • Fixed corruption of global user stats when rebuilding a mail domain.
  • Fixed formatting of backup exclusions textbox.
  • Fixed MultiPHP upgrade script to update all web templates.
  • Fixed report issue link in installer scripts.
  • Fixed database user authentification on backup restore.
  • Added robots.txt for Roundcube webmail to prevent search bot crawling.
  • Re-Enable force ssl function on let’s encrypt certification renew.
  • Added official PostgreSQL repository so system stays up-to-date with latest available upstream packages.
  • Hardening MySQL configuration, prevent local infile.
  • Fixed lograte bug and cleans up the messed up nginx/apache2 log permissions.
  • Fixed IfModule mpm_itk.c for apache2 templates.
  • Added mpm_itk for Debian 10 (non Multi-PHP installations only.)
  • Hardening nginx configuration, dropped support for TLSv1.1.
  • Fixed excluding folders named “logs” from restore backup, thanks to @davidgolsen.
  • Fixed typo in delete psql database part, thanks to @joshbmarshall.
  • Split long txt records to 255 chunks to prevent bind issues, thanks to @setiseta.
  • Fixed missing restart routine for vsftp on v-add-letsencrypt-host.
  • Show amount of disk space consumed by /home when running v-list-sys-info.
  • Remove broken /webmail alias from previous versions.
  • Webmail IP address is now inherited from web domain when using multiple IPs.
  • Exim now uses the web domain IP if it exists.
  • Fix incorrect MX record for DNS domains using the Office 365 template.
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