HestiaCP 1.0

HestiaCP has released the first version with number One 1.x of their fork of VestaCP.

The changelog of this new version

• Improved support for Let's Encrypt certificate generation
• Addition of Let's Encrypt support for Control Panel – see v-add-letsencrypt-host
• Enabled use of per-domain SSL certificates for inbound and outbound mail services
• Consolidated template structure, removing over 50% duplicate code
• Re-organized file system structure for domain configuration files
• Fixed issues with HTTP-to-HTTPS redirecton
• Fixed an issue where another website would load if browsing to a non-SSL enabled domaing using HTTPS.
• Added the ability to change release branches through the user interface and command line
• Added the ability to update using Git from the command line - see v-sys-update-hestia-git
• Implemented support for SFTP chroot jails
• A newly redesigned user interface which features:
	○ A softer color palette which better matches the Hestia Control Panel logo colors.
	○ A consolidated overview of domains and other information
	○ Improved navigation paths to make things easier to find
	○ Improved compatibility when viewing the Control Panel interface from a mobile device
• Improved handling of mail domain DNS zone values
• Enabled OCSP stapling on SSL-enabled web domains
• Enabled support for HTTP Strict Transport Security on SSL-enabled web domains in the system backend– see v-change-web-domain-hsts
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