Centos Webpanel

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Centos Web Panel

Centos Webpanel

Centos-Webpanel is one of the most complete and reliable hosting control panels. Many features like Apache, nginx, Varnish, Firewall, email, DNS all in a complete management tool.



Cyberpanel page




A VestaCP fork. HestiaCP features

  • Firewall: Iptables / Fail2ban
  • Web: Nginx + Apache / Nginx + PHP-FPM / Apache
  • Monitorization: Monit, Webalizer, Awstats, rrdtool
  • Imap / Pop3 Server: Dovecot
  • BBDD: MySQL + PHPMyAdmin / PostgreSQL + PHPMyAdmin
  • FTP: vsftpd / ProFTPD



ISPConfig is the classic hosting control panel. Provides stability, many features such as Apache, nginx, postfix, mysql, pureftp etc plus Single and Multiserver management. Also support many linux distributions Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, Fedora, OpenSUSE


Runcloud, follows a different approach and provides a control panel outside of your server after installing their software. Is one most secure and fast hosting control panels out there. The RunCloud platform implements a modern and highly performant server stack, including Nginx, Apache2, MariaDB, Redis, Memcached, Beanstalkd, and Supervisord. Also supports Brotli and http/2 protocol for better performance.


Another cheap server manager is ServerSuit. They offer apache, nginx, email services, user, monitoring


TinyCP is web based control panel for managing linux like systems.
It does not ruin your system and is extremely lightweight for hardware (only 1,6 MB).
Supports the management of Domains, Mailboxes, Databases, FTP, Samba, Firewall, VPN, GIT, SVN etc.


VestaCP is a clear, lightweight hosting control panel. This elegant hosting control panel support Apache, nginx, mail, DNS, Firewall and Softculus for easy web app installations.

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