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Cyberpanel The openLitespeed Panel

Cyberpanel is a web hosting control panel based purely on OpenLitespeed. It also comes with FTP, DNS, Email, Firewall, FileManager, MySQL, automatic SSL and all this for free.

Let see why OpenLiteSpeed.

  • High performance, event-driven architecture.
  • Super light-weight, minimal CPU and memory footprint.
  • Apache-compatible rewrite rules.
  • Also comes with User-friendly WebAdmin GUI for technical users.
  • OpenLitespeed PHP suExec also proved to be faster than php-fpm.
  • Cache. (Plugins also available for most popular CMS)

Why CyberPanel?

CyberPanel is GUI based control panel to control your hosting environment and start hosting your websites in easy to use manner. Built by keeping in mind the ease of use, and making sure things are not complex and easy to understand. Let see some of the features:


CyberPanel comes with 3 level of users.

  • Administrator (Complete control, can create resellers and users).
  • Reseller (Can create users).
  • User (Only manage their websites).

Details regarding user management can be found here.


Packages define resources for a particular website, you can create a package from GUI panel easily. More details here.


Web sites are the main point of function for all other services in CyberPanel, a user needs to create a website before they can use its related services that include:

  • FTP.
  • Email.
  • Databases.

It also comes with Let’s encrypt automatic SSL, user can also add their own SSL manually.

This is how an individual website control page looks like:



CyberPanel ships with PowerDNS as a high-performance DNS server, currently support following record types:

  • A
  • AAAA
  • MX
  • TXT
  • SPF
  • NS


CyberPanel uses Rainloop as a WebMail client, you can easily create, delete email accounts.

File Manager

To manage your files you can either use FTP or our GUI based file manager.

One Click Automatic WordPress Installation with LSCache

CyberPanel comes with one click installation for WordPress with lightspeed cache already configured.

Cyberpanel One Click WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop


By defaul only HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, EMAIL and DNS ports are open you enable and disable ports from the control panel.

Cyberpanel firewall

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3 thoughts on “Cyberpanel The openLitespeed Panel

  1. I have CentOS 7.7 with CyberPanel 1.9 build 2.0
    At the firewall I have port 53 open but it’s not.

    This is what I get at
    The nameserver NS1.DOMAIN.IS (111.222.333.444) seems to ignore test queries to UDP port 53
    The nameserver NS1.DOMAIN.IS ( seems to reject connections to TCP port 53

    Any Idea why this is happening.

  2. Have a many problems, from installation to futures that is not OK or are missing (compared to other alternatives) and it’s free only if you are Linux “guru”. If you are not guru everything stop to work in the moment when you stop to pay “cloud” assistance (literally hours later) even if configuration and all setting are has previously been made, tuned and managed by the “professionals” of CyberPanel. If you have more accounts, they make you switch to Enterprise and the more expensive support (even if you only have 1 ticket) … your support leaves and shuts down even if the server is down (through their fault). Not to mention the complaint and correct attitude … I am very disappointed and do not recommend!

    1. I am very sad to hear these complaints. Currently I am using runcloud, with openlitespeed and their support is awesome.

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