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Backdrop CMS 1.19

The Backdrop community is proud to release version 1.19.0 of Backdrop CMS, following our 4-month release cycle.

This release contains several new features, user experience improvements, and a few bug fixes for these recent improvements.

Please update Backup and Migrate to 1.x-1.0.17 along with this core update. Some people have reported a conflict with earlier versions of the module.

Notes for updating

  • No changes have been made to the .htaccessrobots.txt or default settings.php files in this release. Updating customized versions of those files is not necessary.
  • Running update.php should not be necessary when upgrading from 1.18.3 or 1.18.4.

Changes since 1.18.4

New features

  • Add support for “Relationships” to Layout Contexts. #2134
  • Add support for attributes in backdrop_add_css(). #4981
  • Add ability to disable the automatic linking of URLs and email addresses by wrapping them in a ‘nolink’ class. #1926
  • Add “node-by-viewer” and “node-by-anonymous” classes. #4991

User experience improvements

  • Merge all the “Update core/module/theme/layout” pages into a single page. #2714
  • Change default behavior of Admin bar: Stick to top of browser viewport. #788
  • Change Role edit URLs to use the word ‘configure’ instead. #4899
  • Replace the ‘Add role’ button with a ‘+ Add role’ action link, and move the Role name form to its own page. #2742

Bug fixes

  • Fix layout action links so additional links can be added to the list — follow up to 2134. #5074
  • Fixed: Do not require the attributes array for backdrop_add_css() — follow up to 4981. #5070
  • Add support for wildcards in deprecated path redirects. #2833

Miscellaneous changes

  • Add Initial PHP 8 Support (PDO, Date, Comment, SimpleTest). #4772
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