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There a few control hosting panel, they are not so famous as cPanel or Plesk or VestaCP, but some times they are a secret diamonds. One of them is aaPanel.


  • Nginx or
  • Apache
  • Multiple PHP version 5.4 to 7.3
  • DNS
  • Mail server
  • Mysql or MariaDB or MongoDB
  • PureFTP
  • Memcached
  • Redis
  • Google Cloud Storage

Supports Ubuntu, Debian and Centos

Another think that impressed me is the option you can compile all installs like nginx, apache, mysql, PHP so you can have compiled versions

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6 thoughts on “aaPanel Linux panel

  1. Hi,
    This panel looks like to be used by a single user. Or is there an Admin account where you can create new users and manage them?


  2. This is indeed a single user panel.
    You can host multiple websites but can’t create user accounts e.g. to give access to your customers.
    I’ve been testing it today, it is a great panel with lots of features and a nice interface.
    However, their support is limited and a couple of posts i sent in the community forum remained unanswered.
    I do hope to see this panel getting improved.

    1. There is a firewall available as a third party plugin and can be easily installed, but it only works for Nginx.
      I asked them why only Nginx version, and they said the firewall for Apache is on development – its being several months though and i still see no progress.

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